HOPE provides Hands On Practical Experience in a simplified form of CPR using only chest compressions (no mouth-to-mouth breaths). Chest compression-only CPR has been shown to be as effective as regular CPR. For those who suffer a cardiac arrest outside of the hospital, the chance of survival is less than 10 percent. Brain damage can occur in four minutes and for every minute without CPR, the chance of survival goes down by 10 percent.

HOPE is a positive educational experience designed for anyone who desires to learn this potentially life-saving skill; children attending school, family members and friends, or members of our local, education, business, or religious communities. Thousands of people have already participated in HOPE training. This is your invitation to join them in the goal of saving as many lives as possible! HOPE is free, but registration is required. To register, please contact.

HOPE is a partnership in community health and welfare between the American Safety & Health Institute, Fairfield Medical Center, and the Gordon B. Snider Cardiovascular Institute. HOPE was originally created by Becky DeVoss, RN, M.S.H.A. Participation in HOPE does not result in certification and is not appropriate for individuals who are occupationally required to be certified in CPR, AED use, or professional-level basic life support. For full certification courses please contact.

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